Using hologram technology to engage with digital consumers

On-demand webinar with PA Betting Services and 2mee

Discover how to get your audience’s absolute attention and make every message count as PA Betting Services and 2mee present how Instant Human Hologram Technology & Messaging can be effectively utilised in the betting industry.

With the latest trends moving away from text-based messaging, join 2mee and the PA Betting Services team as they showcase how you can use instant human hologram messaging technology and communication tools to engage and connect with your target audience.

James Riley, Chief Executive Office (CEO) of 2mee says: “Most digital communications are text-based. As people, we’re designed to interact in an emotional capacity – I wink or smile at you, and you respond accordingly. But all that is stripped out in the digital world.”

Who should watch?

This webinar is for all betting and gaming industry professionals as they can discover at this session how Instant Human Hologram Messaging can enhance and drive audience engagement.


Jack Kelliher, Head of Sales – PA Betting Services

Jennifer Riley, Customer Services Director – 2mee

James Riley, CEO & Founder – 2mee

Watch the webinar: Video holograms to engage betting customers

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