Vector Silks

Visually stunning vector silks through our ground-breaking API


PA Betting Services’ Vector Silks service delivers previously unachievable horse racing silks graphics in a fully flexible format, to engage your customers across all your business channels.


Vector Silks enhances the graphical presentation and compatibility of racing silks.

The SVG format provides a flexible solution where a single delivered format can be instantly scaled for all required sizes and outputs – ranging from high-definition (retina ready) browsers to mobile applications.

Vector Silks presents a modern design and greater graphical fidelity that surpasses current formats – available directly through our ground-breaking Racing API.


The Vector Silks service is available for all digital and page-ready race card products and includes racing silks for:

United Kingdom

United Kingdom



South Africa

South Africa

United States

USA (Selected)

Plus selected international meetings


Integrated content solutions

A high quality graphical product that can be delivered directly to customers in a format that can be seamlessly implemented for any size output, website or application.

Powerful API delivery

The Vector Silks can be delivered via our API allowing closer integration with customer endpoints.

Green racing solks
Pink and purple racing silks
Yellow checkerboard racing silks
Star racing silks

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